The Curious Case of the Poopie and the Lego.

Curious things sometimes happen in a house with children and pets.  Particularly a house where additional children also visit.

This particular curious thing happened in the place where all the Legos live.  Sure, I could be referring to all the Legos in our house, but in reality I think at this point its just ALL THE LEGOS.

Which leads me to a tangent (surprise!).  You know how all the jokes in the world revolve around parents stepping on Legos and it being the worst thing IN THE WORLD.

See the Legos actively plotting


And of course, the requisite:

Do you get it?  Kids play with stuff and leave it everywhere and parents step on it and it hurts their feet.  GET IT?

Now, despite us having ALL THE LEGOS at our house, we do not have an issue with them being on the floor.  Why?  Because of a nifty little parenting rule known as: ‘Any Legos on the floor not being actively played with AT THE TIME become property of MOM and will forever and henceforth belong to MOM, in their entirety.’

Works great.

Now back to the curious situation I found myself in recently.  As I was heading down to check the downstairs bathroom to see if it was tidy (the kids had friends over to play recently.  Also the kids live here) and I spotted it.

What is that!  OH GROSS, ITS A POOPIE!!!!!  The dog doesn’t come downstairs (and her poopies are the size of Swiss Cake Rolls.  If you stack 6 of them together).  DID MY CHILD LEAK A POOP NUGGET???  DID A VISITING CHILD LEAK A POOP NUGGET??

I must take a closer look. I mean, its not like I can just LEAVE it there.

Total mom thought: ‘Well, at least its not a mushy one.’  But – WHY IS THERE A POOPIE?

Oh for . . . . False Alarm, folks.  This is not a poopie at all.

Just Olivia leaving her hair lying around.



Its the law of the land.



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  1. Sarah said:

    😂😂 I’m dying here!!! That would have been my first thought too! 😂😂

    February 4, 2019

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