Movie Logic: Frozen

From time to time, you will find posts relating to some logical issues I have found in movies, books, tv, and other popular culture.

Today, I need to talk about Frozen, because this has been bothering me for a very long time.

Let me be clear. I LOVE Frozen.  Its probably one of the top 10 movies EVER for me.  Its fabulous and yes, we totally rock out to the soundtrack at home.

Here is the basis for my concern.

The premise of the movie has us believe that Anna has been stuck in a castle for about 13 years, bored out of her mind.  Ok, sure.  However, after Elsa’s ice magic is revealed (uh, spoiler alert, I guess), the first thing Anna does is send for her horse.  The one she is absolutely capable of riding up a mountain.  Her horse – as opposed to ‘a horse’ – the one specifically assigned to her.  Ok.  Call me crazy, but if they reduced their castle staff to around 6 people, I’m guessing one of them is not devoted to picking up horse apples in the great hall.  That girl has been outside.  I guess you could argue that there’s a courtyard or some other inclusive area where she exhaustively practiced horseback-riding on fake snow-covered mountain-simulations.  It is possible.  However, I would like to argue here that Anna HAS been out of the castle, probably on ‘tours of the kingdom’ with her parents.  She probably didn’t get to interact too much with others or she would probably not be so desperate to do so.  After all, I interact with people constantly, and my dearest wish is to be ALONE.

Anyways, my point is – she’s been outside the castle riding her horse.  Probably doing something boring, but still.


Second issue, also relating with the sending for the horse.  Arendelle must have the most efficient grooms in the history of everything.  Anna says ‘bring me my horse.’  She walks about 10 steps, and LO!  There is the horse.  Saddled, waiting, and someone has fetched her cloak as well.  Ok, I am not really a horse person, but my understanding is that saddling a horse requires the horse to be brushed, then comes the saddle blanket, then the saddle, all the girths and buckles need to be checked and re-checked, and the stirrups adjusted.  If the horse is -ahem- stubborn, you may also need to knee them in the gut to make them exhale the breath they are holding to make the girth too loose.  Then comes the bridle, checking the hooves – OH! and it was summer 10 seconds ago, so you know that horse isn’t wearing ice shoes.  I smell a plot hole.  Still, in my efforts to find some kind of logic in this (hey, its one of my favorite movies, I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt before I call shenanigans).

1. The grooms in the palace in Arendelle are as bored out of their mind as Anna.  After all, there are very few staff and their rulers are hermits.  Not a ton to do.  So, they have invented their own version of either the Olympics, or an elaborate drinking game (same thing, right?).

2. The first groom, let’s call him Larry.  He times Gunter (the other groom) to see how fast they can do all the above steps, and get the horse to the courtyard.  Gunter then times Larry doing the same.  This continues day by day, continually trying to better their time.  And to see how much they can confuse the horses.  Also, you can see how this devolves into a drinking game pretty quickly.

3. This gets boring, so they start inventing new twists to their little game.  Like who can invent the underground elevator to get the horse there the fastest.  Who can create the most ridiculous hair-do for the horse – you see where I’m going with this.  Seriously – what’s with that horse’s hair. . . . I’m off topic.

4. Where does the cloak come from?  Ok, you got me here.  I am going to assume old butler dude just always carries a lady’s cloak with him at all times (even though it was summer 10 seconds ago), because that’s just kind of his thing.  Works for me.


So that’s that.  Its the most logic I can come up with to explain the unexplainable.


Until next time!


  1. Jeni said:

    Playing devil’s advocate (which I love to do):
    1. Anna wasn’t a prisoner, her parents were just more concerned about her sister, so she went riding (maybe a few of the locals picked up slack on tasks where there used to be staff). But as an extrovert, Anna was still bored because Elsa wasn’t with her.
    2. It happened, we just didn’t see for the same reason we don’t see cops and doctors fill out paperwork on TV. It’s boring, nobody cares, it screws up the pacing, so they just skip that part and pretend it magically happened.

    Good luck and I look forward to more!

    June 25, 2014
    • kburlage said:

      While I agree with you – they do specifically point out (in song) that ‘There will be actual real-live people, it will be totally strange . . . . ‘ And let’s not get started on Mom and Dad’s parenting style – haha!

      June 25, 2014

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