Introducing Carl and Raylene

Hello to all my readers! (reader?)

I am very excited to announce a new segment here on Quirk and Logic!  I have been tirelessly interviewing potential contributors for a travel category.  I have found a couple that I just know you will love.  They will be traveling the country, reporting in periodically on what they find!

They were really the perfect candidates as they were already traveling the country, and had an extensive lists of sites to see.

I would like to introduce you to Carl and Raylene Schputt.

Here’s a little background on Carl and Raylene.

Carl and Raylene hail from Nose Lick, Texas, and have been married ‘since Carl had hair.’  They own and operate ‘Nose Lick Picks,’ a roadside shop that specializes in Decorative Hubcaps and Commemorative Spoons.  As a matter of fact, they are hoping to acquire some new merchandise for the shop on their trip around the country.

Raylene wears her very blonde hair styled ‘just so’ every day.  When the wind blows she looks a little bit like the ‘Flying Nun’ except with more sequins and lipstick.  She does ‘declare’ a lot, and dotes on her pet pig Bacon Bits.  Raylene declares that her somewhat curvyish, somewhat fluffyish figure is a result of ‘loving life and sticky buns a bit too much.’  She is, in fact, a hoot.  Perhaps a hoot and a half.  Definitely one of a kind (I hope).

Carl is a patient, much quieter soul.  He’s never too far from a YooHoo, and has an extensive collection of belt buckles – some shaped like Hubcaps!  I’ll be honest, I don’t have much of a read on Carl yet – mostly because Raylene rarely stops talking, and the poor man never has a chance to speak.  He seems happy enough though.

Then there’s Betty Jane.  That’s the truck.  Complete with Skamper – because ‘what fun is it to see the country if you’re always inside a Super 8!’  Its pink.  The truck, not the Skamper.  Bright pink.  Its. . . . . interesting.  There’s also quite a collection of tokens hanging from the rear-view mirror.  Raylene claims they are Betty Jane’s good luck charms.  I smiled when she said it, but I’ll be honest – I’m not entirely sure she doesn’t really believe the truck has a mind of its own.  Time will tell.

For the most part when Carl and Raylene check in, I’ll let them share their travels in their own words.  I’ll try to only add information when I’m relatively certain no one knows what they are talking about (from some of our early conversations, this may be frequently).

So – So long for now!  Happy Travels Carl and Raylene!

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