Greatest Baseball Player In the World

Today, I’m going to tell you a short story. 


So a girl, about 12 years old, snuck into Wrigley Field when everything was empty (why Wrigley?  Because I’m the one retelling the story, that’s why).  She had her bat and her ball, and she went out onto the field.  She held the ball in one hand, the bat in the other. One of the older guys who cleaned the stands happened to be relaxing in one of the seats and decided to watch.


The girl looked at the ball and said ‘I am the greatest baseball player in the WORLD!’  With that, she tossed the ball into the air, and swung her bat with all her might.

And missed.

The girl picked up her ball and said ‘I am the greatest baseball player in the WORLD!’  Again, she threw the ball into the air, and swung her bat.

And missed again.

This went on for some time.  After a while, the gentleman from the stands decided to come down and talk to her.

He said ‘hey kid.   You keep saying ‘I am the greatest baseball player in the WORLD’ but you haven’t hit that ball yet.’

She smiled hugely and said ‘I know – did you see that pitching?!?’


Ok – so besides a good chuckle, what am I getting at?  How often in life do we only see the ‘strikes’ or the ‘misses?’  We see what isn’t going well, but sometimes fail to notice what is going well.  Sometimes these are little things – sometimes not so little.  Maybe things aren’t going so well at work, and you’re fighting with your significant other and now your car broke down.  Its easy to look at those legitimate issues and feel like nothing is going right.  Sometimes we need to look a little deeper.  Maybe you haven’t reached for alcohol – which you’ve done in the past.  Maybe you’ve kept this job longer than any other job you’ve had – and even though it’s a little bumpy you are working through it.  Maybe its just that you are taking a deep breath and thinking things through before saying something.  Maybe you’ve chosen not to cut, or gamble, or shop, or use.  Maybe you’ve stood in the middle of your storm and let it rage.  But you stood.


You are pitching.  Don’t forget to see the pitches – the things you do that move you forward or keep you going.  If you don’t think you see any – maybe choose one to throw.


You got this.  After all, you are the greatest baseball player in the WORLD.


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