I’d like you to think for a moment about someone you admire for their talent or skill.  Maybe its an artist or a musician.  Maybe an athlete or a writer.

Ok.  I think most of us can appreciate a well-honed craft.  We understand the time and effort it takes to perform that task well.  For some of us (ahem. . .me. . . ahem) there’s just a tiny bit of longing that maybe we don’t have that kind of talent.

Except maybe we do.

As a girl raised on Disney fairy tales and books of medieval fiction, I love me a good castle. 


So, picture that grand castle.   It took an amazing amount of artistry, skill, talent, and vision to design and build such a monument.  After all, castles had to be strong and beautiful.  They had to be homes and seats of power.  They had to last.  They were not one-man jobs.

So when you think about it, a castle is really just a well-organized pile of bricks. 


Ok – REALLY well organized, but still.

So, a castle needs a brick-layer.  Not a fancy job.  Not shiny.  Not high-paying and well-respected.  Just a job.

After all – how important is one brick in the grand scheme of a whole castle?  I don’t know – but what happens when that one brick is not laid with care?  When it is not placed level, on a good foundation, and in correct position to those around it?  A haphazard brick can bring even the grandest plan down.

But a well-laid brick can be the foundation of something that lasts long after all of us are gone.

Maybe you aren’t the architect of castles.  I know I’m not.  But if we take a step back, we are all part of something greater.  We can each choose to lay our brick with great care, and with great skill.

Maybe we won’t have the glory and riches like Michael Jordan (I stopped watching basketball in high school), or JK Rowling (I’ve admitted my reading problem already), but we can take great care to do whatever task is in front of us with all the skill we have. 


And that isn’t less important.



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