So today the sun is shining, but also feels like an Antarctic wasteland. The children had a late start again, which makes it approximately 187 years since they’ve had a full week of school.

I’m grouchy. I don’t normally get overly grouchy. I can get a little cranky (which is different – trust me) about specific things, but this kind of grouchy is reserved for late February (which sometimes extends to mid-May, depending on the weather).

Its not seasonal affective disorder – I know it is for many people, but for me it feels like claustrophobia. I want to go outside. I want to breathe air that doesn’t hurt. I want to walk the dog without fear of death on sidewalks coated in 2 inches of ice.

I want to win the lottery and move to Key West and make pocket money gluing googly eyes on sea sponges and calling them puppets.

But for today, I just gotta make it through. And since I don’t really see the point in getting through the day feeling like this, I’m going to try to make it better.

Better is often about the little things. I’m going to see how many I can come up with. Feel free to add your own.

A brand-new pair of thick, warm socks.

A new sweatshirt that has never been washed.

The smell of fresh baked bread.

Hell – the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!

The smell of wood smoke.

The first day you can see a haze of green on all the trees in the spring.

The first time you feel the warmth of the sunshine again after winter.

That first crisp breeze in the fall.

Puppy snuggles.

Newborn sighs.

Baby belly laughs.

That feeling when you kid had a rough day and the only thing they want is to sit and cuddle with you for a bit.

Sharing a great book with someone you know will enjoy it.

Reading out loud (and doing the voices).

Having a friend say ‘thank you’ because you showed up when they needed someone.

Telling a friend ‘thank you’ because they showed up when you needed someone.

Making handmade gifts for those you know will appreciate them

Designing and building something.

Taking something old and tired and making it fresh and new and interesting.

Hearing someone say you brightened their day.

Doing something nice for someone in secret.

Deciding to get good at something, and then doing it.

Kitten fur.

Manatee videos.

A husband who looks at you like you are miraculous when you feel like a potato.

Someone who holds on whenever you need it, and never makes you feel like you owe them anything.

A really good burger.

Two-day free shipping.

Dinner parties in sweatpants.

Whole conversations made with only eye contact.

A hot bath with a good book.


A day in the woods.

Really good sushi (but only the cooked stuff).

Finding something really awesome on a really good sale.

Yelling ‘who are you and how did you get in the house?’ when your kids come into the room.

Kitchen dance parties.

Realizing you got all the cleaning and prep done before the people came over.

Singing broadway show tunes really loudly.

Singing other stuff, also really loudly.

Farting with abandon when no one’s around.

Laughing at how funny you are.

Realizing how glad you are some of your past wishes and prayers did not come true.

Standing outside at night and listening to the earth breathe.

Watching the bats catching insects at sunset.

The otters at the zoo.

Sitting with someone when they realize its been 5 years since they were hospitalized.

My bed.

Eating something you normally don’t eat and allowing yourself to enjoy the hell out of it.


Key West.

Harry Potter.

Books. All my precious darlings.

Writing – even when it drives me mad.

Dark Chocolate.

Well. What do you know. Its just a little bit better now.

What’s on your list?

Take care – Kim

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